How do I return an item?

1. Repack the items in their original packaging as they were when you received them, labels attached. A rolled up, wrinkled not saleable and in this case we can reasonably decline your refund. Please handle the original packaging with care as well.

2. Please include in the package your order confirmation.

3. Send the shipping back to us by your choice of logistic partner. In case you return outside EU, you need a customs form from us. Our address is: Jerone Group Oy, Sulapuronkatu 1 P 10, 33700 Tampere, Finland.

Notice! Remember to retain your proof of postage.

Notice! We will not reimburse your return if the aforementioned protocol has not been followed. If the items are damaged or used the refund will not be issued for the full price of the product. If the items are not in sealable condition due to mishandling by the customer, Jerone will withhold part of the refund as reparations.

In special offers such as Buy 3, Pay 2, the offer expires if some of the products are returned. When you return one of the three products, you pay the full price for the two products you kept. If a percentage discount was used in the order, the percentage discount is taken into account in the refund of the returned product, in which case the refund is not the same as the product's undiscounted price.