Rusty Neal is a German manufacturer of distinctive menswear. The brand's range includes t-shirts, long sleeves, knitwear, jeans and belts. Rusty Neal is one of our most popular brands, with a wide range of products. Rusty Neal t-shirts are often printed on both the front and back. This brings a streetwear spirit and distinction to the products. Rusty Neal men's t-shirts are perfect for nightlife, festivals and other casual outings. Rusty Neal's men's knitwear, on the other hand, is more subdued, and is perfect for dates and more casual parties. Rusty Neal's knitwear is made from stretchy, non-shrink fabrics, usually with a decorative finish to add life and distinction to the knitwear. Our range also includes Rusty Neal men's jeans with a dash of stone wash, decorative broderie and decorative embellishments. The fit is usually a little looser. At Jerone you'll also find Rusty Neal men's belts, made from genuine leather to ensure they last. You'll find more understated monochrome versions with small details, as well as riveted belts and other more distinctive designs. Rusty Neal is great for you who want to stand out from the crowd, but even those who like a more understated style will find something to buy from this brand!