Men's Shorts | Jersey, Cotton & Summer Shorts

Men's shorts are naturally a seasonal product, for which we release new arrivals from April until July. You'll find shorts in various lengths, cuts, and patterns, from more traditional denim shorts to camouflage prints. Our men's shorts are perfect for the beach, city outings, and vacations. Shorts complete a relaxed summer look and are an excellent alternative to jeans on hot summer days. The safest bet is to pair shorts with a T-shirt and sandals, but you can also pair stylish men's shorts with even a dress shirt and a blazer for a trendy outfit. For a fiery look with our athletic shorts, don your running shoes. We recommend following the model-specific fit from the product page's size chart, but remember that when you order from online store, we always offer a 30-day return policy. You can also come in-store to try on shorts to ensure the best size selection for you!

The Savior of Summer: Good Shorts

No summer without good shorts! You'll find the best men's shorts for every need, whether you're going out, to a party, or even to the gym. On hotter summer days, it's good to throw on shorts instead of jeans to cool off. There are many styles and colors of men's shorts. We think it's great that men have adopted a brighter color palette, and by combining even bright colors, you can create neat outfits for both everyday wear and special occasions. We recommend pairing solid-colored tops with bright colors and patterns to create a nice contrast. This also applies in reverse, and with simple, subtle-colored shorts, we encourage you to give your outfit a boost with a brightly colored shirt!

Men's Sweatshorts

Sweatshorts are definitely our most popular products, and for good reason! They offer the perfect combination of comfort, style, and practicality for summer days. Sweatshorts are a casual choice for warm weather, and their flexible material makes them especially comfortable to wear. We have a wide range of colors in men's sweatshorts, so you can choose the perfect shade for you. We offer both the most traditional black and white options as well as more colorful options, such as vibrant red or nautical blue. This way, you can find shorts that perfectly suit your style and personality. Some of our sweatshorts have practical features, such as cargo pockets or other stylish details like contrast stitching, embroidery, and prints. These details add personality to the shorts and make them even more attractive choices. We want to keep our selection distinctive and offer you shorts that you won't find elsewhere. That's why we invest in unique designs and stylish details that make our sweatshorts especially attractive and trendy. Explore our selection and find the perfect sweatshorts that meet your needs and reflect your own personal style. Ready to spend relaxed and stylish summer days!

Denim Shorts for Men

Our highlight when it comes to shorts is definitely the various distressed and stone-washed shorts, which create an eye-catching streetwear style. These shorts are a perfect choice for those who want to stand out and express their own personal style boldly. Denim shorts typically come in blue, black, and white, as well as their different shades, offering the possibility to find the perfect shorts for your own style. Most of our shorts contain elastane, which makes them particularly comfortable to wear and ensures that they fit well and look good. Although they are denim fabric, the flexibility makes them perfect choices for an active lifestyle and movement. Our denim shorts often have different cool details, such as contrast fabric under ripped areas, various chains and prints, which add personality and originality to the shorts. These details make the shorts eye-catching and create a unique look. Denim shorts are suitable for many different situations and events, whether it's festivals, city walks, hanging out on the terrace, or romantic dates. They can be combined in many different ways, from a casual T-shirt to a slightly more formal button-down shirt. This makes denim shorts a versatile garment that fits into every man's wardrobe. Explore our selection and find the perfect denim shorts that meet your needs and reflect your own personal style. Ready to create great and bold outfits!