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Are you looking for a more comfortable alternative to jeans or want to add some spice to your casual look? Jerone's selection includes trousers for every taste and style. Whether you're heading to the office, the gym, or a friend's place, you'll surely find the right trousers for the occasion here. Trousers are an important part of an outfit, as they are a visible part of dressing. Not all trousers can be worn in the same types of situations, so you'll find different types of trousers from many different brands in our selection. Straight trousers, leggings, joggers, chinos - whatever you need.

How to choose the right size of men's trousers?

We've put together an indicative size chart where you can see our size recommendations according to your weight.

We can also measure products for you individually, or give you more specific size recommendations via email or live chat.

Men's sweatpants from our online store

College trousers are great for sports, hanging out and staying at home. We have a selection of collegiate trousers, as well as slightly more subdued versions, where the main focus is on fit, material and different colours. Our most popular colours are black and grey, but we also recommend testing the light green, brown and dark red colours that have emerged in recent years. If you choose a colourful bottom, the top should be either the same shade as a t-shirt or sweatshirt, but if you choose black, grey or white sweatpants, the top can be more vibrant. College trousers are made from cotton, polyester to give softness to the inside of the trousers and elastane to give the product flexibility. Our own brand products are mainly made in Turkey, while products from larger manufacturers such as Jack & Jones and Only & Sons are made in Asia under controlled conditions. Products from these brands now largely use recycled materials. You'll also find cool little touches in our college trousers that make our products stand out and have personality. These include zip detailing, text broderie, patches and different patterns. Most of our college trousers feature elasticated waist and braid for added comfort.

Flexible men's trousers for the office or a date

In our range you will find flexible, straight trouser styles that are perfect for dates and the office. Thanks to the elastane, they are really comfortable to wear, fit well and don't pinch! The addition of elastane to the fabric mix makes these trousers particularly comfortable to wear. This flexible material allows the pants to stretch and adapt to the movements of your body, while offering a smooth and fashionable look. No more tight or uncomfortable pants - our stretchy straight pants offer the freedom to move freely and look good at the same time.

What colour pants do you want?

Read on for a brief description of which are the classic and which are the trendy colours for men's trousers. Classic men's trouser shades:

  • Dark Blue: Timeless and versatile, dark blue trousers are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. They are easy to combine with tops in different colours.
  • Black: Black trousers are a wardrobe staple. They offer an elegant and clean look that is suitable for the workplace, dinner or a formal event.
  • Grey: Different shades of grey, such as light grey and charcoal grey, are popular for their versatility and ease of mixing and matching.

Trendy colours for men's trousers:

  • Khaki and Olive Green: Earthy tones such as khaki and olive green are gaining popularity, offering a warm and natural alternative to traditional colours. They are particularly suited to casual and outdoorsy dressing.
  • Burgundy and burgundy: Deep shades of red, such as burgundy, add depth and warmth to an outfit. They are an excellent choice for autumn and winter outfits.
  • Blue Pink and Burnt Orange: Bold and warm shades such as blue pink and burnt orange bring a zest and vibrancy to your outfit. They are perfect for autumn and spring fashion.

Our collection has options for efficient everyday wear, weekend parties and sporty moments. The trousers allow you to easily change your look and create different styles of outfits. When choosing trousers, you should also pay attention to their fit. The way they look on you will be influenced by the way they fit at the waist and the length of the crotch. We also recommend that you follow the washing instructions, which can always be found on the inside of the product. Pants will last longer the less you wash them, so try to clean stains locally and air or even freeze them first. If there is a product defect, please contact us via the contact form to arrange a replacement.

Men's Cargo Pants

The best of our trouser range is a variety of men's Cargo Pants, which are especially popular with our customers. You can find them, for example, in camouflage, the traditional armour colour, but also in plain colours. The materials used are usually cotton combined with elastane, which gives the trousers a nice elasticity. These are just right for you if you like stretch trousers with elasticity. You'll also find more flamboyant styles, such as trousers with embroidery, zip detailing and text prints. Our range is personal and distinctive, so you can stand out from the crowd with your style. In our thigh-high trousers, we've invested in comfort with a ribbed waist, usually combined with drawstrings. A few thigh highs are made from the same material as college trousers, so these will suit you if you want a slightly cooler streetwear look, but one that's still comfortable on.

Where can you find men's camo or army pants?

At Jerone you will! Men's camo pants have long been a popular choice for both fashion and practicality. Originally inspired by military clothing, camouflage has found its way into modern street style, offering both bold and functional wear for everyday and casual wear. Ranging from traditional shades of green and brown to urban black, grey and white, the camouflage pattern is a popular choice for both casual and casual wear. This versatility makes camouflage trousers an excellent choice for a wide range of styles and occasions. They are suitable for casual leisure wear, adventurous outdoor activities or as part of a bold street-style outfit. The camouflage patterned trousers are a statement piece of clothing that grabs attention and adds flair to your outfit. They are best paired with monochrome tops such as black, white or other earthy tones to keep the overall look balanced. A simple T-shirt, hoodie or knitwear goes well with camouflage trousers, as do minimalist sneakers or simple boots. Camouflage trousers are not only stylish, they also offer practicality. Many of our designs have added pockets and reinforced seams that make the pants durable and functional. An elasticated waist or adjustable cuffs add comfort and make the trousers suitable for different body types. You can find camouflage pants from Urban Classics!

Striped and plaid trousers for men

In recent years, you've also seen a lot of stripes on trousers. The stripe combined with a chino or stretchy suit trousers, creates a trendy look that is seen a lot on influencers on Instagram, for example. We recommend pairing the striped pants with a monochrome top to balance the look. You can find stripes in a few different colours, the most popular being grey trousers with black or white stripes and white trousers with grey stripes. College trousers also have a stripe or stripes created on the sides to add a sporty touch, creating a nice detail to otherwise plain coloured trousers. Another popular pattern in men's trouser fashion is plaid, which can also be found on sweatpants. These are also great for everyday and casual wear, as although they are comfortable to wear, the check pattern gives them a dash of trendiness. Brown checked trousers go well with a white collared shirt, for example, and make a nice outfit for a night out or a date. Women naturally pay attention to your outfit on a date, and if you need more style tips or are looking for a style makeover, contact us and we'll design the perfect outfit combinations for you.