Men's knitted jumpers, cardigans & sweaters

In our online store, you can find men's knitwear, sweaters, and cardigans in various colors and fits. We offer a 30-day return and exchange policy as well as fast delivery.

Mens knitwear is a classic in our selection

A soft and warming sweater belongs in every man's wardrobe. It is a versatile garment that is easy to combine with any outfit. In Jerone's selection, you can find stylish sweaters and jackets that will warm you up on long summer evenings as well as on cold, frosty days in winter. In autumn , men's sweaters are a great choice for colder weather. In winter, they keep you warm under a coat, but in spring, sweaters with zippers and buttons also go well instead of overcoats. In our selection, you can find very trendy men's cardigans, zippered sweaters and thinner sweaters. We want to bring sweaters with distinctive details to the men's fashion scene. These can be e.g. different collars, material, color or other detail. Our most popular products from knitwear have been the Carisma cardigans, which can be worn in place of a jacket both in spring and autumn. Many of the sweaters we sell also have a hood or a higher collar, which gives the sweater a more special look.

A trendy sweater for yourself or as a gift

A comfortable sweater feels good to wear and is advertised as suitable for both working life and leisure time. In our selection, you can find men's sweaters in many different tastes and styles. With a neat sweater, you create a neat impression and it works as an excellent outfit for work and the working day. On the other hand, the sweater warms you in cold winter frosts and provides effective protection against the winter cold. Men's sweaters that contain only cotton or wool are the warmest and are perfect for the coldest winter weather. Thinner cotton knits with a fiber blend aren't much warmer than long-sleeved ones, and they're a good choice even for a nightclub in winter. Combine a thin sweater with a men's collared shirt and you get a trendy, slightly more conservative outfit combination. If you have not yet used a sweater instead of a jacket on dusty fall and spring evenings, we definitely recommend you to try it! The sweater is also a nice gift idea for a spouse or father. We recommend that the size recommendation disappear from the product description, but if the sweater you ordered is the wrong size, we offer a 30-day exchange and return right.

There are many styles of men's sweaters

A lot of men wear sweaters regardless of age and style, and it's no wonder, they are really stylish and practical for many tastes. You can get a really classy style from a sweater, for example by combining it with chinos or cotton pants. The classy style makes you look smart and cool with the sweater and it fits well with adult taste. If you want a more relaxed and youthful look from the sweater, we recommend combining the sweater with our jeans. If you want even more finesse in your daily look, we recommend trying a turtleneck sweater. It creates a really cool looking outfit for its wearer. On the plus side, it's still nice and warm! A high-necked sweater fits well, e.g. with a leather jacket for autumn. You can find turtleneck sweaters in our selection in many different colors.

Men's sweater is a sure choice

The date is approaching and you don't know what to wear? Sweaters save the day! A sweater gives a man a relaxed and friendly impression. A men's sweater is the perfect choice, for example, for an autumn date in a cafe or for relaxed drinks at dusk. The choice of sweater is also influenced by the comfort of the garment. So choose a sweater that is comfortable to wear and doesn't itch. The cuffs and hems of many men's sweaters are equipped with elastic bands, which increases the wearing comfort of the sweater and keeps the hem of the sweater in place even when moving, so it doesn't hurt even if the date ends with a city walk. The choice of size also affects the comfort of the sweater. You can always come and fit the sweater on the spot, and our products have Size Recommendations on whether the size can be adjusted to a smaller or larger size. Dressing well is important in creating a good first impression, and one simple dressing tip that also works with knitwear will go a long way! Pair a light sweater with darker pants to create a nice contrast in your date outfit. The same goes the other way around, combine a dark sweater with light men's pants and you're ready to charm your date!

Structured sweaters for men

Structured sweaters for men are an excellent choice for fall and winter clothing. The texture of the knits gives them extra dimension and depth, making them more interesting and stylish than standard solid color knits. In addition, the structured surface of the sweaters helps to gain attention and creates different visual elements that stand out from other clothes. Men can easily combine sweaters with a structured surface with other items of clothing, such as jeans or trousers. A classic style can be to choose a dark colored sweater and combine it with light blue jeans, or vice versa. In addition, sweaters with a structured surface can easily be worn under a collared shirt, creating an official, but at the same time relaxed look. The materials in structured knitwear are generally high quality and durable, making them a good choice for men looking for long-lasting clothing. Woolen sweaters are common and are very warm and comfortable to wear. Some sweaters also contain synthetic materials such as polyester or acrylic, which makes them lighter and easier to maintain. Many of our selection of knitted sweaters with a structured surface are really flexible material, which is why they emphasize your body and still feel comfortable to wear.

Cable knit sweaters for men

Cable knit sweaters are popular for men who want to add a little flair and fashion to their wardrobe. A cable knit sweater is usually made of high-quality wool or other durable material that provides comfort and warmth in the cold season. Braid patterned sweaters for men are versatile and easy to combine with different pieces of clothing. They can be worn with jeans or canvas trousers and can easily be combined with shirts, blouses and jackets. Cable knit sweaters are also a good choice for men who are looking for clothing that works for both leisure and work. A braid patterned sweater often has different braid patterns and braids, which give the knit more interest and texture. There are various braid patterns, such as zigzag or spiral patterns, which add detail and elegance to the knit. Knitted sweaters can also be different colors, so they go well with different outfits. Knitted sweaters are a stylish and durable choice for men who want to stand out from the crowd and give their wardrobe a little personality. They provide warmth and comfort in cold weather and are easy to combine with different clothing items. Knitted sweaters are also a great gift idea for men who appreciate elegance and fashion.