What our customers have told us? Welcome to read about our customers' experiences in Jerone! On this page, we have collected honest and genuine reviews and feedback from our customers about their experience with our online store. It is important to us that every customer is satisfied with their shopping experience, and we strive to continuously improve our services based on the feedback we receive.Our aim is to provide our customers with a personalised and multi-channel

We monitor customer satisfaction through a survey that is sent to all customers who order from us. The customer satisfaction survey measures our customers' satisfaction with the speed of delivery, the quality of the products and the fit.The rating scale is 1-5, where 1=very dissatisfied and 5=very satisfied.

Product delivery: 94.4% are very satisfied with the speed of delivery

Product quality: 87.4% are very satisfied with the quality of the products

Product fit: 79.7% are very satisfied with the fit of the products

Free feedback is also possible!