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At Jerone you will find men's shoes for different uses: sports, leisure and beach. Shoes are the finishing touch to an outfit, so they should always be clean, neat and intact. Shoes are the first thing many people look to! Jerone's men's shoe range has been carefully selected to match as many different outfit combinations as possible. We invest in a trendy range of men's shoes that you can see on Instagram with a variety of influencers. Currently, the trend is for sportier athletic shoes with a pop of colour. The more sporty casual shoes are comfortable on the feet, and you can walk longer distances in them. Casual men's shoes combined with casual jeans and a t-shirt are a casual ensemble that you can wear on a date, out for a night out or out on the town. If you're looking for a trendy look and a good fit, check out our range of men's tennis shoes! The tennis shoe is an iconic shoe that many people choose. They're perfect for walking around, whether you're going on a trip abroad or taking a leisurely stroll in your spare time. But for the gym and for training, we recommend you choose a sports shoe for the gym and for training, for example from Ryderwear. These are specifically designed for weightlifting.

Men's Chelsea boots.
Footwear fashion for men has remained the same for years, and Chelsea boots are no different. Chelsea boots look great with jeans and the trendiest can turn up the ante a little with a pair of boots. Chelsea boots are often made from genuine leather, so they stand the test of time! These shoes also often have an elasticated section, making them easy to slip on. Chelsea boots are available in both black and brown in our range. They are also well suited to the Finnish weather conditions - wet and windy. In the city, a lower-heeled shoe is usually enough, but for those who enjoy snow and the streets outside, choose one of our longer-legged boots. Timberland-style shoes are a good option. These shoes usually have a nubuck surface, which should be protected with the right materials before the first use to keep the shoe looking good for longer. A suede shoe will not withstand water unless it is well protected against fogging. The material is also less likely to scratch and larger dirt can be easily brushed off.

Men's leisure sneakers.
They are comfortable on the foot and look trendy. They usually also have a slightly longer shank and a rubber sole that gives flexibility with every step. The rubber sole is also durable and lightweight, so the shoe doesn't feel heavy on the foot. It's a good idea to have a variety of shoes in your men's shoe closet for different situations and weather conditions.

Men's shoes for autumn and winter.
Our range of men's shoes for autumn and winter includes sewn shoes for autumn and winter, and the colours can be worn all year round. For example, combine brown shoes with a brown wool coat for a stylish outfit. It's easy to add a sporty or trendy touch to your outfit, depending on your style. Jack & Jones men's shoes are a favourite with most people, as they are designed with both timelessness and commerciality in mind. Men's shoes shouldn't cost too much and we want to offer the best price that everyone can afford for the shoes they like. However, cheap men's shoes do not mean inferior quality. Try a trendy combination of men's tennis socks with different shoes! With a slightly high heeled boot, one of our statement socks looks great.

Men's shoes for summer and the beach
. In addition to toe sandals, our range also includes men's stilettos that are perfect for summer. They're a notch more stylish than toe sandals, but still a casual and easy choice for summer. The fit of these shoes is easy to adjust to suit everyone. For more formal wear, such as with straight trousers, leather low-heeled shoes are ideal. When you want to keep your outfit on trend, match the colour of the shoes to your accessories. It's also a good idea to be judicious when combining colours, for example, brown shoes go great with blue faux fur! Pair the outfit with a belt and shoes in the same colour. This way the outfit ties together nicely. If it's a more formal occasion, go for a bow tie in the same colour. Also check out our selection of men's collared shirts for parties!

Men's colourful shoes
. Red shoes add a nice edge to an outfit when paired with, for example, black jeans and a black top. Black and white shoes are a safe bet, as they go with most outfits. If you want to go a little crazy with your shoes, go for yellow shoes. In this case, we recommend keeping the rest of your outfit simple in terms of colour, so the shoes get the attention they deserve.

The right size and style of shoes for you: Men's shoe fashion doesn't change as quickly as other fashion. However, it's worth thinking about your own style and what you want from your shoes to avoid making a bad purchase. Browse our range of jeans to see how each shoe looks with different jeans. It makes it easier to shop when you can see the shoes in action. Buying a shoe can feel awkward without trying them on, so we offer 30 days to try on men's shoes in the comfort of your own home, with no obligation to buy! Returns and exchanges are easy. We recommend checking the size recommendation for each shoe to make it easier to shop our online store. Most of our shoes are very close to a normal size, so you can then choose the size you normally wear. For winter shoes, please take into account the need for any wool socks or other thicker socks.