Men's Jeans from Online Store

In our online store, you can find men's jeans in various colors and fits. Besides our own brand, we also offer brands such as Jack & Jones, Only & Sons, Rusty Neal, and Urban Classics. Our selection includes jeans with stone wash, distressed surfaces, various embroideries, chains, as well as more subdued jeans. Jeans undergo heavy use and are meant to be long-lasting, so investing in quality is worthwhile. By playing with color combinations, you can create unique and eye-catching ensembles. A light dress shirt and black jeans is a timeless combination that will impress on Tinder dates or convey a neat impression at a friend's housewarming. When you want to switch to a more relaxed gear, you can pair the jeans with a T-shirt or a hoodie. For a more compelling style, you can complete your outfit with a leather belt that matches the color of your shoes. In the summer, you can create a casual sailor style by updating your jeans with matching color canvas shoes and a canvas belt.

A Wide Range of Different Men's Jeans from Jerone

Gone are the days when everyone wore the same blue, simplified jeans. Nowadays, men's jeans are available for every occasion in different colors and cuts, not to mention changing details. Year after year, classic blue jeans are still a good choice and will undoubtedly remain in fashion well into the future. However, blue denim fabric is available in many different shades from dark to light, so there's plenty of choice in this spectrum too. Lighter shades are suitable for spring and summer, while darker pants can be chosen for colder and darker seasons. Another popular choice is black men's jeans. Black is easier to combine with different colors and creates a more polished look, making them more suitable for formal and festive occasions. Other more frequently used colors include gray and white. Gray jeans look particularly good when combined with clean white shoes. If you prefer a more subdued look, you can opt for neat solid color jeans. If a solid color doesn't appeal to your eye, you can add liveliness to the jeans' surface with various washes, bleaching, and other signs of wear. Stone wash is one of the most popular effects year after year. Stone washes range from subdued to stronger, so you can choose according to your taste. If a light worn look isn't enough and you're looking for a more striking look, choose stylish ripped jeans. Bold details such as different decorative stitches, rivets, zippers, and text prints add distinctiveness and flair to the jeans. With so many different men's jeans available, the styling possibilities are endless. On warm spring days, you can roll up the cuffs to cool your ankles, and in winter, pair the jeans with winter boots. Denim pants are great because they match almost all shoes. Especially black jeans are easy to combine with classic suit shoes, ankle boots, or sneakers. You can highlight the masculine body by wearing dark, slim jeans and an elegant dress shirt. Explore Jerone's jeans selection and find your new favorite pants!

Men's Ripped Jeans from Online Store

Ripped jeans for men are the most popular product in our jeans selection! In men's jeans, the ripped and distressed areas are almost invariably around the knees, as well as variably above or below them. Ripped jeans work when you want to create a carefree look. Ripped jeans are best for making a statement at festivals, in nightlife, and at informal parties. Ripped jeans, or ripped jeans, can be well combined with a solid color or subdued T-shirt, balancing the outfit. For those seeking a more distinctive style, our online store offers Kosmo Lupo jeans, featuring text embroidery, decorative stitching, decorative buttons and rivets, and decorative pockets.

Men's Slim Fit Jeans

The jeans in Jerone's selection are suitable for leisure, nightlife, and semi-formal occasions. Our selection includes slim, regular, loose, and tapered models of men's jeans with various washes. Well-fitting jeans are a cornerstone of every man's wardrobe, and it's good to have enough different models for all purposes! Slim fit jeans are very comfortable to wear due to their stretchy fabric, and they also make your upper body appear larger. The comfortable fit is created by the elastane mixed into them, making the jeans stretchy. The best part of slim fit jeans is their comfortable fit; you won't even feel them after a while. Our selection includes both subdued solid color slim fit jeans and more flashy ripped and embroidered jeans. We offer a 30-day exchange and return policy for all our jeans.

Care instructions for jeans

In addition to timeless elegance and versatility, jeans have other advantages; they are easy to care for and maintain. These trousers stay in better condition the less frequently you wash them, so wash the jeans only when it's really necessary. Multiple washes tire the denim fabric and cause it to fade. An individual stain should be tried to remove by hand washing rather than washing the whole pants in the machine. If the jeans do not have visible dirt, just airing them out in the fresh outdoor air can help keep the pants fresh and remove bad odors. In the washing machine, wash the jeans at a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius and turn them inside out. Do not use fabric softener or a dryer when washing jeans.

How to add Jeans to the outfit?

The success of jeans throughout history cannot be disputed. They have been worn by rock stars like Bruce Springsteen and Queen. Also, the ladies' man known from movies, James Dean, was often seen wearing jeans on the big screen, and for good reason, he was a fashion icon of his time. Many other superstars have thrilled women wearing denim pants, and there's no doubt that the triumph of these highly popular pants will continue far into the future! Jeans very well reflect their wearer, and for this reason, we offer them as broadly as possible from different stylistic directions; something for everyone! Ripped, patched, and zipper-decorated jeans suit rebellious youths and the young at heart. Slim fit jeans, on the other hand, match beautifully with almost any top for the style-conscious man. When thinking about the color of jeans, consider what colors you already have at home and with what colors of tops you would wear them. Alongside dark blue jeans, a blue shirt is stylistically challenging, whereas a white or gray shirt matches perfectly. With black jeans, on the other hand, you can wear almost any color top. White and brown shoes go perfectly with blue jeans. When wearing brown shoes, you can elevate your style to a new level by also wearing a belt of the same shade of brown. Many prefer a zipper closure in the fly for its quick and easy use over buttons. Over the decades, zippers have become significantly more common in jeans.