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Our online store offers men's dress shirts for parties, office, and dates. We provide a 30-day return and exchange policy along with fast delivery.

A dress shirt is a product that every man should have

Dress shirt is a classic men's garment that will save you a quick morning. The timelessly stylish collared shirt is perfect for all occasions, from everyday to special occasions. You can define the casualness or formality of your outfit by changing the colour and pattern of the collared shirt and trying it with a variety of trousers and jackets. From light to dark and monochrome to printed, you'll find men's collared shirts in our range. The plain men's collared shirt is suitable for office work, but also for everyday life. For the more daring, a printed collared shirt is also a great choice for more informal occasions, especially nightlife. A neat collared shirt is an easy choice whatever the season. For warmer summer days, you can also opt for a short-sleeved collared shirt.

White men's collared shirt

Collared shirts tend to darken as winter wears on, but we think that colour should always be present, even in print. The more daring may opt for a patterned or more unusual colour, while more conservative dressers will opt for a plain shirt or even a striped version of a collared shirt. For a stylish outfit, pair the collared shirt with chinos or understated jeans, or wear it under a men's sweater or cardigan. When choosing a collared shirt, fit and comfort are important. The perfect collared shirt fits well and is easy and comfortable to move around in. The size of the collar of the shirt will affect the fit. A good rule of thumb is that two fingers should fit between the collar and the neck when the shirt is buttoned up. This rule also applies when the top buttons are undone. The collar should not be tight at the chest, but it should not be too loose either. A well-fitting collared shirt feels good on and looks stylish! Remember that you can always return or exchange the product, so there's no need to stress about choosing the right size. It's still a good idea to read the size recommendations

Printed men's collared shirts.

Featuring unique and striking patterns, these shirts are a great choice for men who want to stand out and express themselves. Whether it's graphic patterns, abstract prints or vibrant floral designs, printed collared shirts offer a wide range of possibilities to mix and match and create different styles. Not only are these shirts stylish, but they are also made with comfort in mind. Made from quality materials, they guarantee both durability and breathability, making them the perfect choice for both warm summer days and cooler evenings. Printed collared shirts are suitable for a wide range of occasions, whether it's a formal event or a casual night out with friends. You can easily combine these shirts with a variety of bottoms. For example, try pairing a patterned shirt with monochrome chinos or jeans for a balanced and stylish look. Finish with matching shoes and accessories, such as a belt or watch, for the perfect combination for everyday and special occasions.

Short sleeve dress shirt for nightclubs and date

Short sleeve collared shirts for men: short sleeve collared shirts for men are the perfect choice for both everyday and special occasions, combining comfort and style in a unique way. These shirts offer a classic look that is perfect for the office, but also for more casual moments with friends and family. The lightness and breathability of the fabric make these shirts an excellent choice for warmer weather, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Our range of short sleeve collared shirts offers plenty of options in a variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to express your own style. Whether your choice is an understated monochrome, a chic stripe or a playful pattern, you're sure to find something to suit your personality and style. These shirts are easy to combine with a variety of bottoms, such as chinos, shorts or even jeans, creating versatile outfits for different occasions. High quality materials ensure that your shirt will stand up to wear and wash without losing its shape or colour. This makes them not only stylish but also a practical choice for long-term use. In addition, the shirts are designed to fit comfortably and offer freedom of movement, making them even more comfortable to wear.

Men's blue dress shirt

This classic garment is an absolute staple in every man's wardrobe, its versatility making it the ideal choice for the office, formal occasions and casual meetings alike. The shade of blue brings elegance and versatility, matching with a wide range of colours and styles. It's a timeless colour that will remain in the world of fashion year after year. A blue collared shirt is easy to pair with jeans for a casual chic look, or with chinos and suit trousers for a more formal outfit. The slim fit brings a modern touch to this traditional garment. It accentuates body shapes without being too tight or uncomfortable. This fit is perfect for the modern man's wardrobe as it creates a neat and stylish silhouette. The stretchy material further enhances the comfort and practicality of this shirt. The addition of elastane or other flexible fibres to the fabric allows for greater freedom of movement and adaptability, making it an ideal choice for the active and mobile man. This material not only increases comfort, but also makes the shirt easier to maintain, as it resists wrinkles better and keeps its shape throughout the day. In our online shop you will find both navy and light blue men's shirts from JERONE, JACK & JONES, ONLY & SONS and Rusty Neal.

Collared shirts bring a scarce look to the man

are you a fan of big and clear plaid? Or a fan of more subdued shades and prints? We have men's collared shirts to suit all tastes. Choose from checks, stripes or even camo-print! Our selection changes, but there's always a cool pattern for your collared shirts! A well-cut collared shirt is a must-have for formal occasions and often also for many work situations. Every man should own at least one classic white shirt, which, in different designs and made of different materials, is suitable for work, casual evenings out or weddings, for example. Collared shirts have bright, glowing shades that are further enhanced by dark trousers. This outfit is sure to turn heads on the street and at evening parties, for example. If you live for more subdued tones, classic and broken tones will serve as stylish enhancers. A touch of muted tones provides a nice contrast to the charismatic ensemble of a businessman.

How to combine a dress collar shirt?

So make sure you have a functional jacket in your wardrobe for a collared shirt. And it's easy to do, because it's really easy to combine a collared shirt with other outfits, and a collared shirt paired with a denim jacket, for example, is a personal favourite of ours. If you're not a fan of denim jackets, don't worry! We also have plenty of other jackets that will make you rock your collared shirt. So check out our collection of jackets too!