Men's Jackets from online shop

From our trendy selection, you'll find men's jackets suitable for every season! Are you looking for a unique and eye-catching jacket for nightlife or a sporty jacket for walking and everyday use? In Finland's latitudes, a jacket is useful in all seasons. A jacket is long-lasting and visibly represents its wearer, so it's worth investing in. Everyone knows how uncomfortable it feels when a jacket is too warm or too cold. For this reason, we have described the warmth scale for most of our jackets. The scale is defined with values ranging from 1 to 5. The lower the value, the poorer the thermal insulation. As a guideline, jackets suitable for summer use are best found with a warmth scale of 1-2. For summer use, a pilot jacket, denim jacket, or some other light jacket is usually purchased. Men's jackets aimed for autumn and spring generally have similar thermal insulation, with values between 3-4. An exception is made for water-repellent properties. With autumn being rainier, this is wise to consider when choosing a jacket. A light parka or lined leather jacket is best suited for cool, rainy weather. A wool coat is again well suited for dry but cool weather. Towards winter, we recommend wearing jackets with thermal insulation values between 4-5. For winter use, a warm parka or a traditional winter jacket such as a down jacket is best suited.

Men's Leather Jacket Perfectly Suits the Streetwear Look

The men's leather jacket is a timeless and versatile piece of clothing that instantly adds edge and style to any outfit. Particularly suited for the streetwear style, a leather jacket is a popular choice as it seamlessly combines boldness with a more relaxed look. In our selection, we emphasize both genuine leather and more affordable options in faux leather jackets, offering a great appearance and quality without a high price tag. Our faux leather jackets are designed to provide a high-quality and stylish alternative that fits various occasions. In these jackets, we pay special attention to neat details in the zippers, which enhance the jacket's look and give it a modern twist. Zippers may be highlighted in contrasting colors or more subdued, offering options for different styles. Our leather jackets designed for streetwear style often have a slightly looser cut, giving a relaxed and polished impression. They pair perfectly with jeans and T-shirts, creating a casual and trendy look. Our leather jackets are also easy to mix and match with different outfits, adding versatility to your wardrobe. While a leather jacket can be a significant investment, we offer more affordable options in faux leather jackets that are excellent in terms of price-quality ratio. In these jackets, we use high-quality materials and finishes so you can enjoy a stylish appearance without a large budget. For help with sizing, you can refer to the size charts found on our product pages, and if needed, you can also take advantage of our customer service expertise. Explore our selection and find the perfect leather jacket that meets your needs and complements your streetwear style affordably and stylishly.

Choose a Jacket to Match Your Other Clothes

Denim jackets have significantly increased in popularity in recent years, and every man's wardrobe should have at least one. Especially when wearing a denim jacket, like all outerwear, it's important to carefully choose the right bottoms to match. Nothing is more stylish than a denim jacket and jeans of the same shade paired with striking brown boots. When combining colors, the more discerning will notice the use of complementary colors. The complementary color to light blue is dark brown, which is why brown shoes look great with a denim-colored jacket and jeans, as if straight out of a fashion magazine. It's good to have jackets in different colors and cuts. Your wardrobe should have a jacket that pairs well with different bottoms and other pieces of your clothing. As a style tip, we recommend wearing a fitted jacket only with slim-fit jeans, while a looser men's jacket goes well with all types of pants. From our wide selection, you will also find men's blazers for formal occasions and sportier jackets for athletic activities. Remember that shopping with us is worry-free thanks to our 30-day return policy.

Your Jacket Represents Your Personality

Clothing often tells a lot about the person wearing it. An outer coat is possibly the most essential and visible part of your attire, so it really makes sense to invest in it. A jacket is often under a lot of stress, not only because of water and UV radiation from the sun but also because it's the outermost layer of clothing, making jackets prone to getting dirty and scratched. Especially when going on dates or out for entertainment, it's good to make sure you're wearing a men's jacket that looks as good as new if you want to create an impression of being responsible and meticulous. In addition to the general condition of the jacket, its style and fashion direction are significant. Arriving on a date on a motorcycle and in a black snakeskin jacket creates a completely different style than if you were wearing a light grey wool coat and a dress shirt. With your clothing, you can charm in a pilot jacket à la David Beckham, or in a masculine style fitting a black velvet leather jacket à la James Bond. Whichever your source of inspiration, dressing confidently in a jacket that suits your style will surely turn heads on the street.

Choose a Jacket That Highlights Your Best Features

When selecting a jacket, it's also worth considering your body type. For someone who has spent years in the gym and eating healthily, it might be hard to find a fitted jacket that doesn't squeeze at the shoulders. In this case, a bomber jacket is an excellent choice, as it's typically roomier in the shoulders and sleeves. Your height should also be considered when choosing a jacket. Many faux leather jackets have shorter cuts, so if you're exceptionally tall, the jacket might be too short at the waist. Conversely, if you're below average height, a men's jacket with a shorter cut generally looks better on you. All our jackets come with a return policy, so you can confidently try on the jacket at home before making a purchase decision. However, we recommend reading our product descriptions and size suggestions carefully. The product description will show you what size the model is wearing, the model's measurements, the fit of the jacket, and our size recommendations.

Classic Denim Jacket for Men

We sell a variety of denim jackets for men from spring to autumn, which have been one of our most popular product categories. There are both hooded and non-hooded versions available, and the color range is broad. Most are black, however, as they are the easiest to match with other clothes. A white denim jacket pairs well with tanned skin, and can be matched with white shorts or jeans to create a cohesive style. Hooded denim jackets are practical, for instance, in light drizzle to protect the head.

Men's Parka Jacket for Winter

The men's parka jacket is a classic and practical piece of clothing that offers both style and warmth in colder weather. The parka is known for its long cut, hood, and often detachable fur trim, which together create a timeless and masculine look. Our parka jackets are designed to withstand even the most demanding conditions and offer comfort throughout the year. They are often made from waterproof and windproof materials that keep you protected from rain, snow, and wind. The jackets' lining is usually soft and warm, ensuring you stay comfortable and warm even in the coldest weather. A parka jacket is an excellent choice for city walks as well as trips into nature. Its spacious cut allows freedom of movement and the ability to wear several layers of clothing underneath as needed. The hood protects your face from wind and rain, and its adjustable drawstring ensures it fits comfortably and snugly around your head. The parka jacket is also a versatile piece of clothing that fits well into casual everyday outfits as well as slightly more formal occasions. It can be combined with different pants and shoes to create new and interesting outfit combinations. A parka jacket is an investment that lasts for years, maintaining its style and practicality from one year to the next. In our selection, you will find a wide range of parka jackets in different colors and models, so you can find the perfect option for you. Explore our selection and acquire a high-quality and stylish parka jacket that will keep you warm and stylish in all weather conditions.