Men's jewellery with fast delivery and return policy

In our online store you can find bracelets, necklaces and rings for men. We focus on quality, packaging and details. All our jewellery collections are designed to fit in well with our wide range of clothing. Men's jewellery has become very popular in recent years, and Jerone's online store meets the demand by offering a carefully limited selection of different types of men's jewellery. Our most popular products include a variety of leather bracelets and stainless steel necklaces for men.

A wide range of men's bracelets

Our online store offers trendy men's jewellery, including leather bracelets. They are perfect for a rock-inspired style and add a masculine touch to your outfit. Our bracelets usually come with either gold, silver or black details. Styles range from more understated to more bold. Some bracelets are simple and others have more details such as braided parts, lava stones, decorative diamonds or rivets. The most popular bracelets we have sold have been the gold heavy chain bracelets, which really stand out. These are usually adorned with sparkling decorative diamonds to give them just that extra element they need. The diameter of the bracelets is usually indicated in the product description, but if it is missing, please contact our customer service team!

Men's necklaces to complete your style

In our range, you will find a limited selection of necklaces that you can easily combine with the clothes we sell. Our necklaces are usually made of either leather or stainless steel, but please refer to the product description of each item for exact details. We want to offer men masculine, distinctive and trendy necklaces. You can usually also find a matching bracelet in our online shop. Jewellery is also an excellent gift idea for men, as the size is standard and men usually don't have a lot of jewellery already. We have indicated the length of the necklaces in the product description, but if it is missing, please ask our customer service!

Men's bracelets with leather braid

In our range you will find a variety of men's braided black bracelets with gold, silver and dark details. Braided bracelets have been one of our most popular jewellery products throughout the ages. These bracelets are classic and will never go out of fashion. Braided bracelets are made from high quality leather and some of them have been given a twist to add various metallic details. These are a nice gift to give, for example, on a confirmation day or anniversary to a husband, spouse or father.

Quality silver jewellery for men

In our range you will find distinctive and trendy bracelets for men with silver coloured details. If you're looking for a bracelet for a gift that fits your budget, you're sure to find it at Jerone. Most of our silver coloured bracelets are made of high quality stainless steel, which will last for a long time if kept correctly! Our bracelets do not contain harmful ingredients such as nickel.

Men's gold bracelets and men's gold necklaces

These are by far the most distinctive product category in our range, and one that we at Jerone place a lot of emphasis on. Gold bracelets are in high demand because they go well with the other clothing we sell. Gold bracelets are usually made of stainless steel, and are a great gift idea for a man who likes the Jerone style! Serasar's bracelets and necklaces come in nice boxes, so take a peek at the brand if you're looking for a gift for a man.

All products have a 30 day exchange and return policy

All the men's jewellery we sell has a 30 day return policy except for earrings, which are hygiene products. We want to guarantee our customers complete satisfaction with their purchases, which is why we offer the option to return or exchange the jewellery if it doesn't meet your expectations or doesn't suit you. Most of the men's jewellery we sell is made from stainless, tarnish resistant and nickel-free 316L standard steel, which is a very durable and easy to care for material. This makes the jewellery durable and suitable for everyday use. Thanks to the properties of stainless steel, the jewellery is highly resistant to moisture and abrasion, so you can wear it in everyday life and at parties without worry. They are also ideal for people with allergies, as nickel-free steel is non-irritating to sensitive skin. Browse our range and find quality, stylish men's jewellery that meets your needs and reflects your own personal style. You can be sure that by choosing our jewellery, you'll get a durable and timeless addition to your outfits.

Jewellery is delivered in a gift box

Some of our jewellery is delivered in a jewellery box, which is always mentioned in the product description of each item. This jewellery box not only adds to the value of the jewellery and the value of the gift, but also protects the jewellery during transport and storage. It is important to us to offer our customers the best quality, which is why our selection consists only of carefully selected and thoroughly tested jewellery for men. Every piece of jewellery we sell is made from durable, high-quality materials that will stand the test of time and wear. We want you to wear our jewellery with pride and confidence year after year, so you can shop with us with confidence, knowing that you are getting quality, durable jewellery that will meet your expectations and provide joy and satisfaction for a long time to come. By choosing our jewellery, you can be sure that you are making an investment that will retain its value and your satisfaction for years to come.