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BAR Magic of Denim Jeans Bar Magic of Denim is a famous brand of denim wear that is currently making waves in the world It is known to offer very intriguing and exciting options of jeans with innovative and extremely fresh designs. These jeans are truly meant for those who like to experiment with different styles, the unconventional and funky designs and detailing that Bar of Denim jeans provides have been a hit with a wide range of guys including many celebs and Premiership footballers.

Bar Magic of Denim jeans is a premium line of denim wear for men with its funky and out-of-the-league designs, reflecting a distinct attitude and style statement. These jeans for men are offered in many different cuts, washes and fits. For example there is the Gangster Jeans style which is available in dark denim wash with a unique style and unbelievable detailing throughout. This style of jeans have contrast stitch details, patchwork on front and branding on front and rear pockets. Another amazing style is the Wing Jeans which are 100% cotton made jeans in dark denim wash with overall contrast stitch detailing, a lot of fabric detailing along with designs embroidered and branding done on front and rear. The Obama Jeans are a unique pair of men\'s jeans offered by the brand, available in dark denim wash. This pair of slick jeans has overall contrast fabric detailing, design embroidery and stitch work, along with branding to the buttons and rear pockets. These jeans come in exciting styles, with a lot of contrast stitch and fabric detailing and embroidery and branding. Want to be noticed? Then these are the jeans for you!