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Jerone has a wide selection of men's jeans ! You can narrow the selection based on, for example, fit, color and size. Most of our jeans contain elastane for better fit and comfort. If a broken surface is not your thing, check out our selection of more restrained jeans!
Jerone has a wide selection of men's jeans ! You can narrow the selection based on, for example, fit, color and size. Most of our jeans contain elastane for better fit and comfort. If a broken surface is not your thing, check out our selection of more restrained jeans!
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            Mens Jeans

            Jeans, or jeans , have become the most popular trousers for men in the late 20th century. Fashion icons have long dictated trends in this area as well, but nowadays men's jeans are so widely found in various washes and cuts that the importance of trends has clearly diminished. Jeans have become an essential piece of clothing for every man and they look great in both the nightclub and the job interview. Denim pants are hard to wear and are meant to be long lasting, so it’s worth investing in quality. You can combine them with both a sleeveless and a collared shirt. By playing with color combinations, you can create unique and eye-catching wholes. A light collared shirt and black jeans is a timeless combination to impress with a Tinder date or give a neat picture at a friend’s house party. When you want to throw a free gear, you can wear a pair of jeans, for example a T-shirt or a hoodie. To ensure a more convincing style, you can finish your outfit with a leather belt that matches the color of your shoes. In the summer, you can create a casual sailor style by pairing your shoes with the same color and a belt.

            The same garment - many different styles

            It’s a long time since everyone wore the same blue casual jeans. Today, men's jeans can be found in every color and cut, without forgetting the changing details. Year after year, classic blue jeans are still a good choice and will no doubt remain in fashion well into the future. However, the blue denim fabric is available in many different shades from dark to light, so there is a choice on this axis as well. Lighter shades are suitable for spring and summer, in the cold and dark seasons you can choose darker trousers. Another popular choice is black men's jeans. Black is easier to combine with different colors and black jeans create a more elaborate look, making them better suited for more formal and festive occasions. Other more commonly used colors are gray and white. Gray jeans look especially good when paired with pure white shoes. If you like a more discreet look, you can choose neat solid color jeans. If the uniform color does not please your own eye, the surface of the jeans can be enlivened with various washes, bleaching and other traces of wear. Stone washing is one of the most popular effects from year to year. Stone washes are more subdued than louder, so you can choose according to your taste. If a light trace of wear is not enough but you are looking for a more eye-catching look, choose stylish torn jeans. Adds distinctiveness and sharpness to your jeans with wild details such as various decorative stitches, rivets, zippers and text prints. There is so much variety in men's jeans that there are also limitless possibilities for styling. On warm spring days, you can wrap your legs up to cool your ankles and in winter combine jeans with winter garlands. Denim pants are great in that they fit almost any shoe. Black jeans in particular are easy to combine with classic suit shoes, ankle boots and sneakers. You can accentuate the men's body by wearing dark, skinny jeans and an elegant collared shirt. Check out Jerone's jeans selection and discover your new favorite pants!

            Why buy torn men's jeans?

            The most common joke heard from the mouths of the older generation is why the boy has already bought broken jeans. The joke was fun in the early 2000s when torn jeans were just coming into vogue, but all jokes get old in time. The crucial question, however, is whether it is worth tearing the jeans yourself? There’s no reason why you couldn’t do that and many would otherwise buy jeans they like for themselves, but make holes in them themselves. The holes made by the manufacturer have the advantage that they are cut in such a way that the fabric does not easily come loose around the hole. Then you made the holes yourself or bought pre- torn jeans , any buttons should be closed when washing the pants. The buttons may tear holes larger during washing. Also, when wearing trousers, it is good to be careful not to slip your feet out of the hole and tear the holes larger with your toes. Some of the jeans have a reinforcement fabric sewn into the background of the hole or the yarn braids of the fabric are left in the hole as an effect and reinforcement.

            Torn jeans come from women’s fashion. Men’s fashion is notoriously lagging behind and influenced by women’s trends. On the females side, jeans torn from strategically right places added to their sexuality. Jeans may be torn from the buttocks and thighs, for example. In men’s jeans, tears are almost invariably at the knees, as well as variably below or above it. Broken jeans work when you want to create a carefree look and consider wearing them for formal meetings. The best ones are to blow your pack at festivals, nightlife and informal parties.

            Slim fit jeans are perfect for men

            Jerone's men's jeans are suitable for leisure, nightlife and more semi-formal occasions. Our selection includes men's jeans in slim, regular, loose and tapered models with several different washes. Well-fitting jeans are the cornerstone of every man’s wardrobe and it’s a good idea to have enough of the different models for all uses! Loose jeans, used by gold diggers in the Yankees a hundred years ago, have been in keeping with old-fashioned fashion. This cut has been the best-selling model to date, but over the centuries, slim-fit and tapered jeans in particular have raised their heads. For many Old Testament dressers, the first contact with slim fit jeans comes as a small shock, as they can suddenly feel far too small. In reality, the size is probably just right, but getting used to the skin-friendly fit takes time. Slim fit jeans are actually very comfortable to wear, and also make your upper body look bigger. The elastane creates a comfortable fit, which makes the jeans stretchy. The best part about slim fit jeans is their liberating feeling, and after a while you won't even feel the jeans on! So this is even when you didn’t end up on top of the good style found in the bar in the armpit. Indeed, traditional men's jeans often feel uncomfortable for those who are used to them, so you could use the saying “Once you go slim fit, you never go back!”.

            Easy-care credit pants

            In addition to timeless elegance and versatility, the jeans have other advantages, as they are easy to care for and maintain. These byysat stay better the less often you wash them, so only wash your jeans when you really need them. Several washes wear the denim fabric and make it run dry. You should try to remove a single stain by hand washing rather than washing your entire pants in the machine. If there is no visible dirt on the jeans, just venting to the fresh air will help keep your pants fresh and eliminate bad odors. In the washing machine, wash the jeans up to 30 degrees and turn them upside down. Do not use fabric softener or tumble dryer when washing jeans.

            Jeans are part of every man’s wardrobe

            The success of jeans in the light of history cannot be denied. They have been used by rock stars like Bruce Springsteen and Queen. James Dean, a woman familiar from movies, was also often seen wearing jeans on the big screen, and she wasn’t already a fashion icon of her time. Women have been shouted at by many other super-celebrity jeans, and there is no doubt at all that the winning streak of these super-popular pants will continue well into the future! The jeans embody their wearer well and for this reason we have them in as wide a range of styles as possible; something for everybody! Broken, patched and zipped jeans are suitable for rebellious youngsters and the youthful. Tight-fitting slim fit jeans, on the other hand, are great with almost any top for a style-conscious man. When thinking about the color of your jeans, you should consider what color jeans are already available in your home and what color tops you would wear them with. Alongside dark blue jeans, a blue shirt is stylishly challenging, while a white or gray shirt is perfect for their buddy. Along with black jeans, instead, you can wear almost any color top. White and brown shoes go well with blue jeans. When wearing brown shoes, you can take your style to a new level and wear a brown belt of the same shade. In Sepalus, many people like a zip fastening, which is faster to use than buttons. Over the decades, zippers have become much more common in jeans.

            How do I choose the right jeans for my husband?

            Whether you bought jeans for your husband or yourself, we always recommend checking the size of your current jeans. Your own wardrobe is the best place to start when choosing a size. With age and use, the jeans stretch a bit, so if you order them in the same size as the one you previously owned, they will of course be a little more snug as new. After a few uses, however, they give up and stretch slightly according to the shape of your feet. Slim fit jeans are always snug at the thighs, so if you want loose jeans, we definitely recommend Loose fit or regular fit jeans. In the Regular fit model, the jeans are looser at the knees and calves and tighter at the thighs and buttocks. This straight jeans model sits on top of most men, especially if you have a straight or sporty body, a regular fit fits perfectly. If you don't want the pants to tighten on any part of your body, choose the Loose fit model. Loose fit gives more room for maneuver and ensures a relaxed fit. These butts on the foot don’t have to experience feelings of tightening and squeezing, they are loose and really casual pants on. The waist and pockets are often lower than other jeans models, creating a street-credible look. The Loose fit model is for you if you like a relaxed and comfortable style or you are a slightly bigger male. If you want space at the waist but tightness at the legs, try the tapered fit. They resemble slim fit jeans but are more relaxed on the foot. This model combines both comfort and narrow legs. In Jerone's selection, you will find perfectly fitting men's jeans for yourself or as a gift.

            In the product description, we tell you about the fit of the jeans and the size recommendation gives you a prompt to choose the right size. Choosing the right size is still not too much to be afraid of, as your security always has a 30-day right of return. So you can match the jeans and return if they didn’t fit the way you expected. Alternatively, you can change the pants to another size. The most common reason for changing jeans is too small a size, and this is often because the customer orders slim fit jeans for the first time and could not expect them to fit more normally. Another common reason for a refund is the wrong leg length. It is worth checking the leg length (L) of old jeans and comparing it with our product information. If the leg length is not specified in the product name and product description, it is L32 by default. Nonetheless, we recommend that you carefully check the size recommendations on the product page, as some models are one size smaller than traditional men's jeans. We also encourage you to try jeans with elastane, as they are very comfortable to wear and fit perfectly. Check out our selection and order new men's jeans today!