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Jerone (Company number FI23819318)
Sulapuronkatu 1 P 10, 33700, Tampere
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Tel. +358 40 8280202 (mon-thu 10.00-18.00 GMT, fridays 10.00-21.00 GMT, international calling charges may apply.)


jerone.com was founded in the summer of 2010 with only about a dozen different models in its selection. Since then, the demand for men’s apparel that stands apart has grown and our selection has expanded remarkably. We are exclusive retailers and importers of several brands that we import. Our mission is to bring contemporary men’s apparel to the masses.

It all started as a two person operation, a couple who have constantly strived to react to the needs of their customers and have developed the selection at jerone.com to a youthful, contemporary and unique one. Great effort is placed on constantly refreshing and diversifying our stock and providing expedient service.

Daily new arrivals! We follow the trends and fashions in Europe and react accordingly. Wearing apparel from jerone.com you can be confident that you are in the forefront of men’s fashion. We keep our stock reasonably small on purpose, which means you will not likely come across anyone else wearing the same garment.


Back in 2010 it was relatively difficult for find both stylish and different men’s clothing anywhere. Trendy clothing shops have very small selection of men’s wear and even then, it was located in the furthest corner. It felt that men were being underestimated as a customer segment in the clothing industry. There was a clear niche for jerone.com.

As we have gained experience, we believe we understand what our customers demand from an online shopping experience to be satisfied. Quick delivery, expedient customer service and a returns process are valued greatly by us as well.

We are still growing and we strive daily to improve our competitive edge. We have come a long way, but we still have a long way to go, thanks for our awesome customers!